Recent Projects

Roman Blinds

Brief So many clients have radiators underneath their windows but want a modern looking window treatment that doesn’t reduce the heat available. Radiators block us from using full length curtains so unless we opt for sill length we are restricted. Sill length look good in old properties but don’t really correspond with contemporary styling. Inspiration and Design There are varying different blinds on offer but Roman Blinds are my favourite as they still allow us to install a seductive fabric with pattern and texture. Their cleans lines are modern and allow the windows to be opened to light plus any […]

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Brief My clients were modernising their 4 bedroom detached property and, having started with the kitchen & lounge, they weren’t happy with the finished look in the rooms started. They asked me to visit and immediately I could see they had block coloured fabrics and pictures etc in the spaces so had created overly dominant features which displeased them. The client lived by the river so wanted the core to be neutral and calm. Spaces were to be utility but with some elegance, glamour and colourful features or accessories. Each owner had a very different style so I wanted to […]

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summerhouse, garden room, fun, cream, blinds, planting, lavender, candles, seating

Summerhouse Garden Room

Brief The summerhouse was installed in the gardens of a Victorian cottage surrounded by fields and a cattle farm, with animal loving owners. The house was dressed traditionally, had low ceilings and was quite dark. The new Summerhouse Design was to be modern, with clean lines, bright and airy. A space was required to relax, listen to music and work. Innovation & Design Although modernising, there were plenty of old items of furniture from the house that could be recycled. Using Chalk paints some of the wooden items were re-painted and, although time consuming, allowed the budget available to be […]

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Kitchen, open plan living, industrial, elegant, dining, soft furnishings, bench, steel and wood table, franklite pendant lights, texture, wall tiles,

Residential – Southampton Waterfront

Brief To modernise a 3-storey town house for a family who like to socialise. It was important that the soft furnishings in two of the bedrooms were currently suitable for teenage boys but adaptable as guest rooms when they left home. Inspiration & Design Located in a busy marina, I was inspired by both trade and water. Historically Southampton used to be a busy cargo and passenger port but now known more for its cruise terminals. Having viewed some of the clients existing possessions, I found some beautiful wooden chests and stone lamps that worked perfectly with the travel, water […]

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New Fencing

Replace Fencing & Stain

Brief The client was looking to replace their existing brown fencing that was broken and had a low staggered ‘crenel’ effect. Inspiration & Design Using a local company, I was able to give them access to the property for removal and replacement. I selected a modern style of fencing with straight top and increased the height of the fence to fall in line with the brick pillars whilst also improving their security. Once installed another firm was able to come in and stain both sides with two layers of black protection so that the colour corresponded with the house. The […]

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Purple Pinch Pleat with Silver Leading Edge

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Brief Replacement Curtains required for Girls Bedroom Inspiration & Design Traditionally styled, hand-finished pinch-pleat curtains are still a favourite with clients who like a classic style using a track or pole. These are so often hung incorrectly but if hung properly, with the fabric sitting under the track, the waste fabric can sit to the back and the stack-back minimalised. The original triple pleat can be modernised with a simpler double pleat finish for those preferring less fuss. A silver leading edge was added to these curtains for a bit of added sparkle. […]

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Garden Design Low Maintenance

Town House Non-Gardeners

Brief The clients did not enjoy gardening and had no real space to store lawnmowers & tools so wanted to remove the overgrown field grass and frame their front plot with a low-maintenance planting scheme. Inspiration & Design The central path was excellent symmetry for the entrance to the house but the existing light grey paved path looked old fashioned. We replaced the path with a slate grey modern slab layed on a weed control fabric and dressed the remaining area with purple slate. The boundary to the plot was planted with slow growing Box hedging which only requires light […]

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Inglenook cottage simple woodburner

Residential Country Cottage De-Clutter & Restyle

Brief Within a relatively neutral scheme this cottage needed a minor uplift to various rooms to refresh, modernise and bring back to life. Inspiration & Design All rooms were painted white and looked tired so a simple change was made just by adding a small hint of colour to various rooms with the odd feature wall in a stronger colour and refreshing woodwork to brilliant white. A few purchases of cushions with pattern lifted the bedding & seating. The frilly pelmets on windows were removed and replaced with modern soft flatboard pelmets and new curtains with a subtle pattern. The […]

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care home relaxation room interior design

Activity Room/Relaxing Zone

The Brief The nursing home hosted a large bright room that incorporated a small modern kitchen, but was tired, old fashioned and rarely ever visited by residents. The space was wasted and generally only used for storage space or as a canteen for staff. The client wanted to change this room into an area that incorporated a large table for craft activities combined with an area to relax, unwind and quietly watch television in smaller numbers to the main lounge. Ideally, they wanted to include burnt orange in the colour scheme. The room was a major fire escape and entry […]

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fire pit

Garden Social Area, Poole

The Brief The clients garden had a low stone wall area in the shape of a U that was quite a focal point in the middle of the lawn but sat empty and looked out of place to the rest of the property. Their dream was to convert this into an area that incorporated a fire-pit for social gatherings and family time. Inspiration & Design My first thought was the wall had to be modernised as being such a dominant feature in the garden it looked shabby and dirty. Any changes made needed to correspond with the style of the […]

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