My clients were modernising their 4 bedroom detached property and, having started with the kitchen & lounge, they weren’t happy with the finished look in the rooms started. They asked me to visit and immediately I could see they had block coloured fabrics and pictures etc in the spaces so had created overly dominant features which displeased them. The client lived by the river so wanted the core to be neutral and calm. Spaces were to be utility but with some elegance, glamour and colourful features or accessories. Each owner had a very different style so I wanted to ensure both were happy – the end design needed to include geometrical lines versus soft curves and bright versus soft colours.

Inspiration and Design

I took the ideas installed and swapped some of the accessories by adding mute colours in fabrics, accessories, wallcoverings, artwork etc. This simple manipulation, and adding in various textures, changed the look. Having resolved these two cores areas I have continued to work with the client throughout their home so we could ensure a flow continued between spaces but also incorporated the colours the client desired. We also managed to recycle the unwanted accessories into guest rooms so nothing purchased was wasted. Images will follow as each room is completed.