New Forest Garden Lounge

Garden Lounge


To refresh the lounge area of a New Forest Care Home within a specified budget and inject life and colour back into the space for the enjoyment of residents.

The central zone of the lounge has to remain free from furniture for easy access of hoists and wheelchairs.


Due to the location of the room I wanted to link the space with the tree-line outside the window. Turquoise, lime and neutrals were used as base colours, with additional accent colours in small proportions.

All existing furnishings and furniture lacked colour, warmth and pattern and this was essential to incorporate in the design to add vibrancy back to the space.

Refreshing the carpet to a similar tone to the adjacent hall ensured continuity from room to room. The existing window treatments were blocking light so I removed the vertical blinds and replaced with crank operation diffused roller blinds, opening the window to its full extent.

Longer curtain tracks were installed allowing the curtain stack back to clear the window increasing the amount of natural light available.

A selection of different styles and heights of furniture were used to avoid a horizontal line, alongside a wide variety of patterned fabrics (with a flora and fauna theme) used in the upholstery and soft furnishings adding much needed texture and form. Additional purpose built storage units were installed to hide away clutter, alongside the renovation of an old sideboard and existing footstools.

A member of staff kindly photographed local wildlife and this mounted in large white frames completes the look.