Style and Window Treatments – Winton


Having recently moved house from a traditional property, my clients wanted to keep their existing classical furniture and soft furnishings and make them work in a new and different environment. Their desire was also to update their styling to compliment open plan living whilst still maintaining a flow between old and new items.

Inspiration and Brief

Many existing curtains and window treatments could not be altered to fit so needed replacing and as many rooms were set out differently, with more space, some additional furniture was required. We opted to keep curtains relatively neutral in the cosy living space as furniture fabrics were already heavily patterned – helping to modernise the traditional room. The kitchen was relatively modern so alongside a new oak dining suite, chairs and bar stools with a textured neutral coloured fabric and a modular warm grey corner suite we added embroidered pattern fabrics to the window treatments to bring a little tradition and pattern to the cleaner lines.